November 12-14, 2015 in Atlanta, GA

A three-day independent literature festival with writing workshops, conversations, discussion panel, a book market and live readings featuring some of the country’s most riveting independent authors.
Day 1
12 Nov 2015
Day 2
13 Nov 2015
Day 3
14 Nov 2015

Kick-Off Event

Readings from Nick Sturm / Janaka Stucky / Marcela Fuentes / Nikki Igbo   Purchase tickets here!   Reader Bios Nick Sturm is the author of Labor Day with Carrie Lorig and I...
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Nick Sturm
Janaka Stucky
Nikki Igbo
Marcela Fuentes

Book Market Open

The Book Market is a vendor space for small press publishers, literary journals, art magazines, and more! Visitors can talk publishing specifics with editors and publishers, and purchase recent releases!

Live Reading

Readings from Dorothea Lasky / Phillip B. Williams / Amelia Gray / Kalpana Narayanan   Purchase tickets here!   Reader Bios   Dorothea Lasky is the author of four books...
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Dorothea Lasky
Phillip B. Williams
Amelia Gray
Kalpana Narayanan

After Party Reading

Readings from Laura Theobald / Daniel Bailey   Free admission!   Reader Bios Daniel Bailey lives in Athens, Georgia. He has authored three books of published poetry.   Laura Theobald...
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Daniel Bailey
Laura Theobald


On Saturday morning, five artists will open their studios and lead the Seventh session of #UNDEROVERON as your instructors. The theme is Community, and this session celebrates the unlikely community...
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#UNDEROVERON Suzanne Moses

Book Market Open

The Book Market is a vendor space for small press publishers, literary journals, art magazines, and more! Visitors can talk publishing specifics with editors and publishers, and purchase recent releases!

Poetry and Ghosts with Dorothea Lasky

In this class, we will explore the idea of the unseen, the imperceptible, and the ghostly in poetry. We will look at poems by Wallace Stevens, Bhanu Kapil, and Anne...
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Dorothea Lasky

The Art of Live Reading Workshop with Khadijah Queen

The Art of Live Reading workshop will be a discussion of do’s and don’ts during a literary reading with a short lecture, multimedia examples and time to practice for those...
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Khadijah Queen

One-Hour MFA (in fiction) Workshop with Michael Kimball

The One-Hour MFA (in Fiction) will cover the best advice I have ever learned about writing. The workshop will touch on aspects of writing that include openings, story and plot, language and...
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Michael Kimball

“Maintaining Your Writing Practice While Building a Literary Community” Discussion Panel

Discussion with Phillip B. Williams, Tanwi Nandini Islam, Amy McDaniel and Amanda Johnston. Moderated by Jason Koo.   Free admission!
Amy McDaniel
Jason Koo
Amanda Johnston
Tanwi Nandini Islam
Phillip B. Williams

Live Reading

Readings from Khadijah Queen Jac Jemc Jibade-Khalil Huffman Julia Elliot Ada Calhoun   Purchase tickets here!   Reader Bios Khadijah Queen is the author of Conduit (Akashic Books 2008), Black...
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Khadijah Queen
Jac Jemc
Jibade-Khalil Huffman
Julia Elliott
Ada Calhoun

After Party Reading

A live streamed collaboration reading with APRIL Fest Readings from Tanwi Nandini Islam Michael Kimball Jane Wong Rachel Kessler   Free admission!
Rachel Kessler
Jane Wong
Tanwi Nandini Islam
Michael Kimball


Atlanta Contemporary
535 Means Street Atlanta

Book Market

The Book Market is a vendor space for small press publishers, literary journals, art magazines, and more! Visitors can talk publishing specifics with editors and publishers, and purchase recent releases! The Book Market is schedule for Friday, November 13th from 6:00-10:00 PM and Saturday November 14th from 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM and is free to attend. Stay tuned for the release of our micro-programs designed as short conversations with selected editors, publishers and book makers.

This year we are thrilled to have:




The official Letters Festival Book seller, Charis Books and More, is the South’s oldest independent feminist bookstore. Celebrating 40 years of feminism and independent voices!






New South Journal  is a biannual publication staffed entirely by graduate students in the New South Writing Workshop at Georgia State University. We feature what’s new, what’s fresh, and what’s different — whether it comes from the southern United States, the south of India, or the north, east or west of anywhere.




From early silent films to early punk rock, Black Ocean brings together a spectrum of influences and combines them with a radical social perspective on the nature of art and humanity. We are committed to promoting artists we firmly believe in, and sharing our enthusiasm for their work with a global audience.




Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 3.02.03 PM

Muse A Journal publishes poetry by emerging artists. We also occasionally take chances on established poets.



Calamari Archive has published over 50 book objects in the past 12 years, including the acquired 3rd bed imprint & the lit-mag Sleepingfish. Some of these have been first books by emerging writers such as Julie Reverb, Chiara Barzini, Blake Butler, Miranda Mellis, Robert Lopez & Peter Markus, as well as resurrected reprints of out-of-print cult classics by established writers such as David Ohle, Stanley Crawford, Scott Bradfield & Gary Lutz.



Possible Press is a curated periodical of artists’ writings. Begun in 2010, Possible Press has worked with over 110 international artists and artist groups with practices of serious contemporary international scope and dialogue. Possible Press’ mission provides visual artists a voice through written form, and, in turn, allows readers to glean information not normally evident from solely looking at artists’ work. In 2015 they began producing Possible Press | Editions, focused print projects with form and content dictated through selective collaboration.





Sator Press is a nonprofit publishing company founded by Ken Baumann in 2009. Sator produces and promotes challenging literature, and does so slowly and sustainably.






Birds, LLC is an independent poetry press based out in Minneapolis, New York, and Raleigh. Specializing in close author relationships, Birds, LLC believes that great books are a collaboration of authors, editors, and, artists, designers. Birds, LLC supports readings, events, and podcasts for its authors, believing that poetry demands a human voice to read it and an audience to hear it.




Sunnyoutside is a literary press based in Buffalo, New York, that produces paperbacks and chapbooks of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, and the occasional broadsheet and ephemera.





Big Lucks Books is a DC-based press that publishes books in 2015. We think books are for everyone.




Bottlecap Press is a small press trying to do big things. It’s dedicated to all things new, profound, and literary.






Jellyfish Highway Press is postindustrial bioluminescence. JHP is a small press for books that surprise in both narrative and voice, books that shine bright and fierce from the depths.






FERROFLUID Journal is an annual publication of art and writing actively edited to construct new forms of narrative in opposition to traditional anthological categorizations.




Deer Bear Wolf is a creative movement celebrating Atlanta’s art, music and literary communities. It is one part record label, one part small press, one part magazine, and includes a variety show (Natural Selection), a reading series (Transgression), art exhibitions, and various special events which combined creates a mega champion of all things Atlanta.




Grey Book Press publishes high-quality poetry in a lovably ramshackle way. In accordance with an unpredictable schedule and a near certainty that everything is temporary.







Civil Coping Mechanisms (CCM) is a DIY kind of press specializing in innovative fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.





Each quarterly issue of The Georgia Review features fiction, poetry, essays, reviews, and a visual art portfolio, usually in color. Writers range from Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners to new voices.




Hi Wildflower Botanica is a botanical perfume, small-batch skincare and handpoured soy candle line based in Brooklyn, NY. Our products are composed of opulent skin and spirit replenishing botanicals that tell a story inspired by wildflowers, faraway places and familiar evocations.



Believing in literature’s practical ability to create sympathy and therefore a better world, Publishing Genius exists to make the best books by devoted members of the global literary community, and to make them in the most interesting and progressive ways.




421 Atlanta is a very small press founded and edited by Amy McDaniel. We publish small books of prose and poetry by the finest writers around.





Awst Press is a small, independent publisher in digital and print formats focused on impressive work from diverse voices.





Five Points Magazine


Art Papers

Bomb Magazine